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A Christmas Story

Let's have some Christmas fun! Below is an introduction to "A Christmas Story" that I want your help to write. Post your responses to the the questions at the end of the introduction (Make your responses simple and short - no pressure!). I'll take your insights, visions, and recommendations to craft the next segment. A the end of each segment, I will pose another question or two. Between now and Christmas Eve, I will post daily updates, and you will get the final complete story on Christmas Day. So, come on and have a little Christmas fun with me!

My Christmas Baby Girl

Jasper peered down at his beautiful baby girl. A Christmas miracle who survived an emergency caesarean birth after they crashed on the icy road coming home from his parent’s home where they had spent Christmas morning. His wife Julie was sleeping soundly in the hospital bed. White bandages wrapped her head where she had to have her skull drilled into so that pressure could be released. Bruises and swelling made her eyes and nose blur into one black and blue mass. Doctors said they would not know the extent of her brain damage until she woke up. Jasper silently berated himself for not getting the passenger airbag fixed when the alert light came on two weeks ago. He had let excuse after excuse get in his way, and now his wife and baby girl where in the hospital. When the car skidded off the road and crashed into the tree, Julie’s body lurched forward hard. She had loosened her seatbelt because it was cutting into her swollen belly, so when the accident happened, the seatbelt offered little protection. Her head slammed into the dashboard causing a massive haemorrhage and breaking her nose. When the ambulance arrived, Julie was unconscious, and the baby was in distress. Jasper somehow came out unscathed with only minor scrapes and bruising from his seatbelt and airbag. Once they arrived at the hospital, the medical staff immediately took Julie back for the c-section and brain haemorrhage. Now here we are five hours later spending the last few hours of Christmas in this sterile hospital room. Will Julie be okay? Will our baby girl grow up showered with her mother’s love or with only pictures to gaze upon to be closer to a mother she never knew?      



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Julie survives unscathed.

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