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I Want My Children to Fail

No, winning isn’t everything. A person who wins at everything and has never had to deal with overcoming defeat is living a life that is destined to crash at some point. They learn to take everything for granted and never learn how to pull themselves up from despair. I don’t my children to be that person.

On the flip side, never winning can be just as detrimental. If a person constantly battles to pull ahead to always come in last, they learn to give up because they see no hope. Eventually, their life is destined to crash as well. I don’t my children to be that person either.

I want my children to fail at some things. I want them to feel the pain of defeat so that they build skills that teach them how to start over when life knocks them down because it will. However, I want my children to have the sweet taste of victory, so they know what they are fighting for.

Some will think I am an awful parent because I want my children to fail; however, I believe we fail as parents when we never let our children fall down and get themselves back up. We also fail as parents if we never help our children reach success. Either of the two only hurt our children.

So, I am proud to be a parent of children who have failed because they have also learned how to succeed. If they get knocked down in life, they will know how to overcome the challenge.

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