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Knowing When to Change Your Light Bulb

Last weekend, I noticed one of the light bulbs flickering in our laundry room, and I thought to myself that it would burn out soon. Since it wasn’t an immediate issue, I quickly forgot about it knowing someone would eventually replace the bulb when it died out for good no longer illuminating the room. While trying to fall asleep last night, my mind wandered back to that bulb wondering why it was flickering instead of just popping off like they sometimes do. What causes some light bulbs to shine bright for years but suddenly one day when you flip the switch, the bulb no longer shines? Were there warning flickers that we missed?

As my brain continued thinking instead of sleeping, I realized that like light bulbs, we all have a brightness in us. Sometimes we shine brighter than others without appearing to flicker or needing help. Then there are the times we start out bright but slowly begin to flicker and fade away. Lastly, we can be shining bright when suddenly the illusion pops causing our brightness to end without warning.

Just as a bulb must be changed to restore light to a room, we too must change when our light goes out. Don’t ignore the flickering warning signs in yourself or others. Find a ladder to climb up and re-ignite your energy source. When an unexpected event causes the dark to swallow you, reach out to others to borrow some of their brightness until yours returns. If you are one of the lucky ones who never flickers nor fades, illuminate the others until they can shine once again on their own because one day you may need them to return the favor.

Our world has darkness seeping in from all directions. Knowing when you need to replace your light bulb can prevent that darkness from swallowing you. If you are struggling, ask for help from friends, family, and God. Let their light guide you out of the darkness.

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