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Letting Snakes in Your Hen House

Yesterday, my son discovered two large chicken snakes in our hen house. They were curled up waiting for the chickens to come inside so they could feast. We don’t know how long the snakes had made the hen house their home because the chickens never raised the alarm. Instead, they started laying their eggs on the ground and avoided the problem. My son walked right into danger without any warning signs. Once he saw the snakes, my son immediately called my husband who helped him remove the two snakes (one over 5 feet, and the other over 4 feet). Together they solved the problem, and the chickens went back to their carefree life.

I wonder how many times we let something or someone dangerous slither into our lives and just ignore the danger instead of dealing with it. Just like those chickens, we find it easier to adjust what we do to accommodate others or an obstacle, and we let others enter our lives unaware what dangers they might face. It takes courage to deal with our “snakes,” and often we don’t realize there is a problem until someone intervenes on our behalf. It takes even more courage to ask for help when we cannot deal with a problem on our own.

Have snakes slithered into your hen house? Will you continue to ignore and avoid them? Or, will you find the courage to deal with the danger? If you cannot face it on your own, reach out for help from family, friends, and God. Together, you are stronger.

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I can say I knew you when. As always wonderfully written, and thought provoking.

Aug 19, 2021
Replying to

Thank you! You helped me grow up. Will always cherish our CWA time.

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