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A Twin's Bond Never Dies

Megan needed spending money, so she agreed to babysit the Kirkland’s one-year-old son while they went out for a dinner and a movie. Her boyfriend Jake was disappointed they were not spending the evening together, but he understood and promised to call her when he left the party at the lake.

By 8pm, Megan had the baby down for the night, and she settled in on the couch with a book to read. About 30 minutes later she had dozed off only to be startled awake by the ding sound of her phone receiving a text. She smiled assuming Jake was checking in on her. However, the text came from a number she had not seen in over a year. Hands shaking, Megan opened the message.

Hey sis! I’ve missed you.

Megan dropped her phone and covered her mouth to prevent a scream. She told herself that someone was playing a cruel joke on her. Why? She didn’t know, but her identical twin sister Madison had drowned last summer during one of their lake parties. Another text notification came through, so she anxiously picked it up dreading what it might say.

Where are you? I have been searching for you. Are you at the lake with my Jake? Swimming

where I drowned?

Megan stared transfixed by the message. Her fear turned to anger. How dare someone try to scare her and bring up the death of Madison.

Whoever this is, you have gone too far. Stop now before you regret it!!!

There is my sister I know so well. Don’t worry Megan. Your secret is safe with me. But, sis,

I’m so lonely. Where are you?

Megan put the phone down and could not stop shaking. She had the eerie feeling she was being watched, so she jumped up to close the curtains and lock the doors. As she was settling back onto the couch, her phone dinged again.

Megan? You can’t get rid of me again. Where are you?

What do you want from me?

I want my life back. The one you stole that night at the lake.

Megan told herself there must have been a witness that night even though she believed she and Madison were swimming far enough from shore where no one from the party could see Madison struggle. Even if someone did think they saw something, they could not prove anything.

Megan, where are you? I’m so lonely.

Megan decided she was done with this game and blocked the number to prevent more texts from coming through. Then she texted Jake telling him she wanted him to come over. No reason she had to sit alone waiting for the Kirklands to come home.

Megan delved into her book forgetting about the ridiculous text. She was finishing up chapter four when the doorbell rang. Finally! Jake was there. She skipped to the door and threw it open saying, “It’s about time! What took. . .”

“Hey, sis, it took me about a year, but I finally found you. A twin’s bond never dies.”

Jake knocked at the Kirkland’s door excited to see Megan. Since Madison’s drowning, the two were inseparable. What once was a friendship strengthened by their mutual mourning of Madison had grown into a love he never expected to find again. When Megan texted that she wanted him to leave the party to go see her, Jake did not hesitate at the opportunity. The party was boring without Megan anyway.

The front door opened, and Jake walked into Megan’s welcoming arms. As he closed the door behind them, Megan whispered in his ear, “I was so lonely. I’m glad my Jake is finally here.”

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