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Girls' Weekend!

Last Friday was hard for me. My husband and youngest son left to go see my oldest son who is stationed at Fort Hood which I was happy about because we had not seen him since the beginning of January. However, I could not stop the tears from flowing when I thought about how this was their first trip without me, and I was going to miss out on the memories they were going to make together. This was the first time I would spend the night without my husband watching over me since I came home from the hospital last July.

Of course, I was thrilled they were going, but my emotions had a mind of their own.

When my sister and niece came over to stay with me for a girls’ weekend, my tears quickly brought a solemn atmosphere. They gave me my space to cleanse my heartache; however, they knew the right medicine to lift my spirits. The first evening, they strapped virtual reality on my head and laughed with me as I raced down a water slide and sat in a room haunted by an alien. Then, we turned out all the lights to binge watch scary movies in the dark. The next day, we had a girls’ spa day with facials and painted nails. I got to wear my new hot pink pants my sister brought me while I was laughing inside because I knew my husband would roll his eyes when he caught a glimpse of them. That night, we binge watched the horror movie series Saw in the dark (yes, we are those type of people).

By the time my husband and son returned on Sunday, I was exhausted from the laughter, spa, and mind distracting activities. No more tears were shed. Only smiles and joy glistened on my face. My guys had their weekend getaway while I had my wonderful girls’ weekend right at home. Don’t we girls all need a girls’ weekend sometimes?

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