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God Had Another Plan for Me

I had a plan. I would move away from home to attend college for four short years so that I could become a high school English teacher in a small community in East Texas. My husband Daryl and I would have a couple of kids five years apart. We would become part of the community enjoying Friday night lights and attending church on Sundays. Then, I would retire in my fifties and travel the country with Daryl while we were young enough to enjoy ourselves. Simple. Nothing extravagant. I had a plan…

However, God had another plan for me.

Now, I am 45 years old and already retired. Instead of traveling the country with my husband, I travel the internet with my eyes because I am confined to a bed. I no longer teach, but now I write. I have started an online writing service business to give me something to do besides watching tv. My first book was published last week, and I am thinking of ideas for my next one. But, I agonize over whether or not people would read what I write. My community involvement comes through Facebook instead of Friday night lights and attending church. I ask myself the same questions every day: What is my purpose? Who am I now? How can I impact others in a positive way?

Looking back, this definitely was not my plan; however, looking forward, I find comfort in knowing this is exactly where God meant for me to be.

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