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I Don't Scare Easily. Really.

I don’t scare easily. Never have.

Fast, twisting rollercoasters make me laugh. Being alone outside in the pitch-black country night brings me peace. Horror movies fascinate me, but they are usually predictable. Dealing with large, angry, and tattooed gang members as a principal of an urban public school didn’t faze me. Handling students who were having mental breakdowns or who were under the influence of a drug was just part of the job. Jumping between fighting students twice my size wasn’t a big deal. Wrangling a mangy pit-bull that was roaming around a cafeteria packed with 5th and 6th graders made for a hilarious story.

I don’t scare easily. Really.

However, I think I know what will truly scare me to death. Two things actually. Here recently, I have seen posts about people finding snakes close to them outside or even in their homes. That got my brain to working in overdrive thinking about what I would do if a snake was in my bedroom. Then, I began imagining that big spiders could get in here as well. I can just picture a tarantula size spider crawling on my sheet toward my head or a python of a snake slithering up my bedside. All the while, I am trapped in this paralyzed body unable to run away. And, of course, in my fantasy world, I would be by myself, and my computer wouldn’t be working, so I could not call for help. My heart would begin to pound, and a cold sweat would drench me. I would eventually pass out from the fear never to wake again.

My anxiety level is beginning to rise even thinking about them now! So, if you ever hear of me passing away unexpectedly without an obvious cause, you should tell someone to check my bedroom for snakes and spiders. I might have just been scared to death!

Welcome to my world of an overactive imagination. Happy Friday the 13th Everyone!

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