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In My Dreams

Some people say they never dream when they sleep, and I wonder what that would feel like. To have your brain completely shut down is something I have never experienced. I fall asleep telling myself to stop thinking and just sleep. However, my mind continues to explore. Often, I wake up reliving the dream I was deeply immersed in wishing I could close my eyes and fall asleep so I can pick up where I left off when I woke. But, unfortunately, once a dream is interrupted, there is no going back to it.

In my dreams, I have felt anger, fear, and sadness. I have been cheated on by my husband, and I have cheated on him. Too often, I have been chased by monsters, wild animals, or demons. Murderers have attempted to end my life or the life of my family, and occasionally, I have played the role of murderer. I have cried, bled, and experienced great loss. These are the dreams that I want to end sooner than they do.

In my dreams, I am often invincible. So many times, my body has fallen off a cliff, been pushed off a bridge, run away from flying bullets, or escaped a horrible car accident. Every time, I feel as if I am really living through these events, and every time, I survive because I am invincible.

In my dreams I have magical powers which allow me to accomplish anything. When I fly in my dreams, I see the world. My superhuman strength grants me the capability to lift cars and throw boulders. One time, my friend Rochelle and I were even able to create money in bread dough we baked.

In my dreams, I can walk and run again. My arms and hands actually obey my commands. My voice is strong and powerful. Food taste amazing, and smells fill my nostrils. My lungs breath in fresh air all on their own. These are dreams that I want to never end.

As annoying as it is to have a brain that never slows down, I hope to never go a night without my dreams. No matter what is happening in them, I feel alive in my dreams.

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