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Is it the school's job to raise your kids?

Is it the school’s job to raise your kids? The answer should be no; however, in reality if the school does not raise many of these kids, then they will have to raise themselves. Too many parents either do not become involved in raising their own kids because of selfish choices. They would rather go out with friends, watch tv, play on their phones, drown their sorrows with alcohol and drugs, or just be friends instead of being a parent.

In my 21 years as an educator, I dealt with these parents and kids on a daily basis. Kids begin Pre-K not potty-trained, and the parents expect the teachers to train them. Seventh graders do not know it is unacceptable to spend at least 30 minutes in the restroom because they have to remove all their clothes to do their business. High school students graduate never learning to cook, clean, wash clothes, or balance a checkbook. Parents, community, and lawmakers expect teachers, counselors, and principals to teach all of this and more. Schools are told they must register students to vote, explain and teach about sex education, and teach students about how to interact with police officers. They must teach students how to deal with emotions and interact with other. Many parents never attend a school function, participate in parent conferences, or even bother to know what their children are learning. Yet, they are easily outraged when their child does not excel.

I have heard every excuse and have been guilty of using some of them myself. However, that is all they are. . . excuses. Thankfully, our society has outstanding educators who are willing to do whatever it takes to help students succeed in all areas of life, but our society expects too much of schools and too little of parents. Where and when do teachers get to just teach? When do parents get held accountable?

As an educator, I absolutely loved my job and had the privilege of meeting some amazing parents. Unfortunately, the parents who expected the school to raise their children far outnumbered those who did not. As a result, we have generations now believing schools should raise their kids.

Parents, be honest with yourself. Who is raising your child? Is it you or the school? If it is not you, then you need to change your priorities. Be a parent in all areas of your child’s life. No more excuses.

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