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Watching Pigs Wallow in the Mud

I got to watch pigs wallow in the mud today. . .

For most of you, watching pigs wallow in mud probably seems rather boring but not for me. It was the highlight of my day. You see, I have not left my bedroom since August. I have not watched the rain or breathed fresh outdoor air since August. However, that all changed today. It took three people, a little pain, and a lot of patience to make it happen, but it was well worth the effort. For over an hour, I enjoyed sitting on my front porch watching the rain fall from the sky, our dogs being lazy under the cover of the porch, and our two pigs wallowing in the mud. My spirit was rejuvenated. My heart was full.

Today, I got to watch pigs wallow in the mud. . .

What rejuvenates your spirit and fills your heart? Are you taking time to enjoy the simple things? If not, feel free to sit on my porch to watch pigs wallow in the mud.

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