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What happens when the newness wears off?

Starting a new project is easy. Your enthusiasm and energy gets you going. The fresh ideas propel you forward as you dream of all the possibilities. You even draw others in because your excitement is contagious. Nothing can stop you from making the project a reality.

But, what happens when the newness wears off?

There are two types of people who will respond differently when that “newness” wears off. The first one gives up. Of course, they have every excuse as to why they give up on the project. . . I had other commitments. . . I just don’t have the time. . . Others aren’t doing their part. . . I don’t have the money. . .

They will continue to put some effort forward, but ultimately, they let the excuses become a barrier they are not willing to overcome because the excitement has disappeared. They don’t have the drive to keep going, and they give up on the project which used to be a source of pride for them.

Then you have the other type of person who realizes that the “newness” wearing off is part of the journey. They face the same excuses, but instead of giving up, they find ways around the barriers. They ask. . . What can I do differently?. . . What resources are available?. . . Who can help?. . . How can I prioritize my time to make it happen?. . .

They will find the drive and determination within themselves to push forward because giving up is not an option. The source of pride doesn’t come the project but from their own grit and strength.

Each of us has been both types of people. We all give up on something at some point in our life, and we all finish some project at some point. However, you make a personal decision either way. No excuses. . . No barriers. . . You choose to give up or persevere.

I challenge you to be reflective about your life projects whether that is a marriage, a job, a business, an adventure, etc. Has the “newness” worn off? If so, will you use excuses to give up, or will you look for ways to succeed?

Which type of person are you?

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Thank you for this great article. Really hits the nails on the head for most of us. I've been in both situations. I think giving up when you haven't thought something through or have on too much too fast is common. Some times situations change it's a reason rather than an excuse to quit or give up. Short term and long term, realistic, goals can help keep you focused, on track and enthusiastic.

Nov 02, 2021
Replying to

I agree with you about situations changing, and sometimes an excuse is a great reason. Unfortunately, too many great ideas are dropped because of lack of determination. I included myself in that at times.

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