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Why Do You Post on Social Media?

After reading one of my Facebook posts, my husband asked me why did I post about so much so often. Did I enjoy seeing the likes and reading comments about how strong and great I am?

My initial response was that I post on social media because it is my way to have conversations with people other than the three family members I interact with on a daily basis. Posting, reading comments, and writing replies makes me feel like I am still a part of the outside world that I used to be such an active participant in.

A truly honest response would also be yes, I enjoy seeing who likes/loves my posts and reading comments that bolster my confidence. They make me feel validated. They make me feel valued. They make me feel like I have a purpose in my small little space in this universe.

In my previous life before the trach, feeding tube, and paralysis, I would have given a different answer. However, in this isolated life I am now living, social media keeps me sane. I can share my thoughts, ideas, and opinions without being hampered by my physical limitations. My words flow smoothly instead of sounding like a choppy computerized voice.

So, I guess the real answer to the question "Why do you post on social media?" is to feel normal. . .

Why do you post on social media?

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